ECBN is the first Egyptian Canadian Business Network established in North America. Our objective is to assemble a database of Egyptian professionals, business owners and self-employed in a handy medium, allowing the introduction of their services and businesses to others within their community, Canada, Egypt and the Middle East.


  • Increase awareness of the Egyptian community within the Canadian and Quebec public sphere showcasing our success, involvement and the strength of our community.
  • An opportunity for Egyptian professionals and business owners in Canada to create a strong network similar to other Middle Eastern communities and strengthening relations with the Egyptian commercial section, thereby creating business opportunities.
  • Increase the profile of the Egyptian Community within the levels of Municipal, Provincial and Federal governments and their representatives. This will help create a stronger voice for matters important to our community.
  • Create a network with universities, top 100 corporations, hospitals andresearch centers in Egypt and the Middle East, through targeted distribution of the Directory.